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"For The Ladies" - Hair Growth Oil

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This "For The Ladies"  Hair Growth Oil is amazing for hair growth, moisture and overall hair and scalp health.

Infused with an Ayurvedic oil, Argan, Sunflower,  almond, castor, tea tree, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Gently scented with our custom scent "For The Ladies" 

Our Hair Growth Oil is proven to Rid the pores of buildup and dryness, Thickens the hair follicle, helps with hair loss, stimulate and nourish the hair follicles, makes the hair softer , stronger and so many more benefits. 

Moisture is the KEY to natural hair growth , the oils we use are shown to reduce bacteria and product buildup which cause dry scalp, also stop breakage and stimulates and nourish the hair follicles and promote growth while also giving your hair that soft and manageable feel.


Apply a small amount of oil to the roots of your hair and massage into skin/ scalp and all the way down hair shaft either before bed or when you wake up. Use daily for best results.