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Mermaid Glow Moisturizing Body Creme


Free Shipping! Arissentials Sea Moss Infused Body Creme  *This is the kind of body creme that, lets just say a little goes a LONG way! This is not your typical lotion, this sea moss infused body creme will give your...

Mermaid Emulsified Sugar Scrub


FREE SHIPPING! Sea Moss Infused Emulsified Sugar Scrubs *Unlike scrubs made with only oils and sugar, emulsified sugar scrubs become  a creamy consistency upon contact with wet water, leaving soft skin with no oily residue after rinsing off. This product...

Mermaid Body Bundle


FREE SHIPPING!   Large Size Mermaid Body Creme + Large Size Mermaid Emulsified Sugar Scrub   OR   Small Size Mermaid Body Creme + Small Size Mermaid Emulsified Sugar Scrub   Unlike scrubs made with only oils and sugar, emulsified...

"For The Ladies" - Hair Growth Oil


This "For The Ladies"  Hair Growth Oil is amazing for hair growth, moisture and overall hair and scalp health. Infused with an Ayurvedic oil, Argan, Sunflower,  almond, castor, tea tree, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Gently scented with our custom scent "For The...